Ground Shipping

In WLI we are positioned to handle all aspects of your shipments from beginning to end.
We offer you the following services:

  • Dry Van standard freight: The most common method of shipping by freight. The advantage of the dry van is its commodity, the wide use and resulting high availability.
    • Direct Service / Door to door interchanges.
    • Transload Service / Door to border and border to door.
    • Domestic freight
  • Refeer Freight (48" and 53"): is a method of transport used when the goods being shipped need to be kept refrigerated or frozen.
  • Drayage / Border crossing: Our drayage services cover the borders of Nuevo Laredo, Tamps - Laredo TX / Colombia, Tamps- Laredo, TX / Matamoros Tamps - Brownsville TX / Reynosa, Tamps - McAllen TX.
  • LTL Dry Van: With this service we will take all your LTL shipments that have different destination in a single dry van to our warehouse at Laredo, TX and send them to their different destinations, the advantage of this service is that it will reduce your shipping cost.